About Space Vector

Established in 1969, Space Vector specializes in the design, manufacturing, and testing of high-reliability hardware for the aerospace and defense industries. Flight Termination System (FTS) batteries and servicing the Range Safety community form a large part of our business. We contract directly to NASA, Air Force, Space Force, Army, and Navy as well as all the major prime contractors and national labs.

Space Vector also develops high-capacity, high-voltage batteries used for human-rated space applications, spacecraft, and LEO satellites. Our custom avionics and proprietary battery management solutions have flown in a variety of missile and launch vehicles.

Space Vector’s engineering team is experienced in designing products to customer specifications, verification of requirements, and qualification testing. Our labs are stocked with special test equipment utilizing custom software for conducting automated cell screening, product environmental exposure, and RF testing.

Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement is key to helping our customers meet their mission success goals. Space Vector is classified as a small business with a certified AS9100/ISO9001 quality management system. Our production staff are trained and certified to IPC-A-600/610/620, J-STD-001S, and NASA 8739.