RF Passive Components

Space Vector produces a variety of RF/Microwave components suitable for Launch Vehicles, Spacecraft, Missiles, UAVs, and other applications encountering severe environmental conditions.


· Design Capabilities to 40 GHz

· Bandpass, Lowpass, Highpass, Band reject, Diplexers, Multiplexers, Contiguous, Multi Octave

Filter Architectures

· Lumped element (LC), Combline, Interdigital, High Q Cavity, Helical Bandpass, Cross-Coupling, High RF Power


Integrated Microwave Assemblies

· Legacy GPS Low Noise Amplifiers

· Filter / GPS Low Noise Amplifiers integration

Design Application

· Space and Launch Vehicle

· Military-Aviation, Ground and Sea

· Commercial – Wireless, Beacons, IMS, Radar, Satellite reception, Broadcast, Ham, Etc.



RF Capabilities Brochure
RF Capabilities Brochure2
BandPass Filter