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Space Vector designs, fabricates, and tests custom wiring harnesses, umbilical cables, and test cabling for a variety of customers including Lockheed Martin and Pacific Scientific. Every cable is tested with our automatic cable scanner to accurately verify continuity and resistance. Our pin retention station ensures quality workmanship of each pin and socket on every connector.

Features of Space Vector cabling include:

 Mil-Standard Connectors

Shielded wire for high EMI applications

Rugged strain relief

Thermal protection for high heating environments

Low profile lanyard pull

Space Vector has manufactured and flown thousands of cable assemblies for a variety of customers. Space and Military grade cable assemblies include large umbilicals, point-to-point cable assemblies, molded assemblies, and custom interconnects. Multiple signal types in one cable provide easy solutions to signal and cable management issues.

• Cable Assemblies
• Wiring Harnesses
• Box Assemblies
• Electromechanical Assemblies
• Power Cables
• Communications Cables
• Mixed Signal Cables
• RF Cables

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