Space Vector Completes Li-Ion FTS Battery NAVSEA S9310 Safety Testing

Battery Test

(Chatsworth, CA 8 August 2022) – Space Vector Corporation, a privately owned small business, announced today that it has completed NAVSEA S9310 Safety Testing of its flight proven Li-Ion Range Safety Battery PN 39401-1. The battery is used to power several different missile Flight Termination Systems (FTS). A total of 21 Li-Ion FTS batteries were exposed to the destructive testing that was performed in accordance with the NAVSEA Technical Publication S9310-AQ-SAF-010, Rev. 3, “Navy Lithium Battery Safety Program Responsibilities and Procedures”, Chapter 13-3. Safety testing consisted of Short Circuit, Overcharge/Discharge, Overdischarge/Charge, High Temperature, BMS and Electrical Safety Device, and Propagation Tests. All tests were successfully conducted at Space Vector facilities in Chatsworth, CA.