Space Vector 25 Ah Li-Po battery successfully operating on DARPA R3D2 Satellite Mission

(Chatsworth, CA June 27, 2019) Space Vector Corporation (SVC) announces that our 25 Amp-Hour Lithium Ion Polymer system battery is operating successfully aboard the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) R3D2 mission. Launched in late March 2019, this mission was noted by DARPA to have "successfully demonstrated rapid spacecraft development" – consistent with Space Vector’s agile culture and rapid product development capability. SVC designed, tested and delivered this battery to our customer on schedule and on budget, while exceeding all technical specifications for the spacecraft battery including discharge rates in excess of 100 A at 28 Vdc.  

Space Vector has a comprehensive product line of advanced, lightweight batteries selected by demanding customers whose missions operate in severe environmental conditions, especially high dynamic environments. They are available with integrated or discrete charge control functions including our advanced SVChargeTM technology, which provides monitoring and control of programmable charging, cell protection and cell balancing, plus other important features. Several Space Vector batteries have been Range approved for critical flight termination safety and environmental requirements, and are available in a variety of capacities and voltage ranges.

About Space Vector Corporation

Space Vector has 50 years of heritage in aerospace, and provides mission-critical hardware for Range Safety Flight Termination Systems, GPS Tracking, Payload Sequencing, Fuel Sensing, and Vehicle Power. As a rocket system prime contractor, SVC has successfully launched 35 suborbital guided rockets for important US Government customers. SVC has also provided flight subsystems such as cold gas attitude control systems, guidance and control platforms, separation systems and vehicle structures on over 250 space flights for domestic and international partners. Space Vector is based in Chatsworth, CA and is privately held and growing.