Space Vector Lithium-Ion Batteries Pass UN 38.3 Certification

(Chatsworth, CA November 10, 2020) Space Vector Corporation, the leader in Range Safety Flight Termination System Batteries, announces the United Nations (UN) 38.3 certification of their 39401 series of rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries. Certification testing was performed by Intertek located in Plymouth Township, MI.

Under Article UN 38.3, batteries are subjected to numerous safety and abuse tests to ensure they are safe to transport. Space Vector batteries passed all the safety requirements outlined under UN 38.3, which include altitude simulation, thermal, vibration, shock, external short circuit, and overcharge tests.

The flat-back version of the already flight-proven 39401 Li-Ion FTS Battery also concluded RCC 319 qualification testing and is slated to be flown on a variety of vehicles in 2021. The 28.8 V nominal battery provides up to 3.0 Ah (86.4 Wh) with discharge rates as high as 20A for short duration pulses.

“We are very proud of the battery’s ability to function under extreme environments,” said Dave Haas, Program Director at Space Vector. “Even under severe vibration loading while under hot and cold temperatures, the 39401 battery always delivered the required loads and maintained serial communication which is critical to Range personnel responsible for ensuring flight safety.”