Calibration Vendor Quality Survey

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1.0 Does the vendors calibration system conform to ANSI/NSL Z540-1 and ISO 10012-1?
2.0 Does the vendors system provide for:      
2.1 Mandatory Recall and calibration of measurement and test equipment and standards at prescribed intervals?
2.2 The adjustment of recall intervals based on stability, usage, purpose and results of previous calibrations?
3.0 Are there written procedures based on industry specifications or manufacturer's instructions for the calibration of all standards, test equipment and measurement tools?
4.0 Do procedures specify the accuracy of the instrument being calibrated and the accuracy of the standard being used?
5.0 Do calibration reports contain the following data:      
5.1 Date the calibration was performed?
5.2 Environmental condition in which the calibration was performed?
5.3 Accuracy statement of the instrument being calibrated?
5.4 Calibration interval for the instrument being calibrated?
5.5 Calibration results of the instrument being calibrated including out-of-tolerance conditions?
5.6 Calibration standards used on the instrument being calibrated?
5.7 Calibration procedure used?
6.0 Are instruments that are not calibrated to their full capacity indicated as to the applicable conditions?
7.0 Are items that are not in current calibration status so indicated?
8.0 Are the calibrations of transfer standards traceable to NIST?
9.0 Does the vendor have a written procedure to evaluate the adequacy of the calibration system based on out-of-tolerance calibration data?
10.0 Does the vendor have a method that clearly identifies the current calibration status of instruments?
11.0 Does the vendor have proper handling, storage and shipping facilities?
12.0 Are handling, storing, and shipping methods documented?

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