Space Vector is a prime contractor to the US Space Force, Air Force, Army and Navy

US Space Force
Sounding Rocket-4 Program Launch
March 2021


Space Vector provides critical avionics and battery systems for vital strategic missions, including RCC-319 and RCC-324 qualifications

High Reliability: Space Vector has never experienced a mission failure in its 52 year heritage

Minuteman III
GT-237 Launch
February 2021

Launch Vehicles

USG and commercial launch vehicles have employed Space Vector GPS metric tracking, fuel sensing, batteries and RF units for decades


Space Vector has batteries and RF units flying in space, serving important national missions

Missile Systems

Missile systems in demanding environments use Space Vector batteries, GPS and RF units


Man-rated, high reliability avionics are provided for critical missions by Space Vector

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Space Vector Corporation

"The only Air Force project that was on-time, on-budget, and delivered what we asked for"

Space Vector Corporation


Range Safety

RCC 319 & 324 compliance and flight qualificaiton


FTS, System, and Auxillary batteris. Primary and Secondary cells.

RF Components

Custom RF solutions for difficult problems.

Space Vector Corporation

"A rocket won't fly unless somebody lights the fuse!"

Homer Hickam
Space Vector Corporation

Who We Are

Who We Are

A National Leader in Engineered Solutions

An Employee-First, Customer Focused Company

An Award-Winning Company




What We Do

What We Do

We Design and Build some of The Nation’s Most Complex and Challenging Programs:


Hypersonic Vehicles
Launch Vehicles
Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles
Strategic Weapons Systems

What Drives Us

What Drives Us

To Serve Our Country

To Fulfill Our Customers' Missions

To Ensure our Country’s Future

To Protect and Defend

To Lead The Nation Into the Future

Space Vector Corporation

MARS 2020

As we look toward the future, we are proud to have been a part of the development of one of the nation’s most complex and challenging programs.  

Space Vector Corporation

Select Products


SVC provides battery solutions for UAVs, Launch Vehicles, Missiles and Satellites.  We can develop a custom solution for your application.

GPS Metric Tracking

SVC provides GPS solutions for Launch Vehicles, Missiles, and Satellites.  We can develop a custom solution for your application.

Launch Vehicles

SVC has a 50+ year history of flying launch vehicles for National Defense and Science Missions.

RF Solutions

SVC provides custom RF solutions for UAVs, Launch Vehicles, Missiles, and Satellites.  We can develop a custom solution for your application.

Reverse Engineering

SVC can take your end-of-life product and modernize it. Can't find the vendor anymore? We can help.

Range Safety

SVC provides RCC 319 and 324 solutions to many launch vehicle providers.

Space Vector Corporation