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Space Vector has manufactured and flown over 1500 cold gas components for a variety of commercial and military customers. SVC has over 35 years of experience in the design and development of cold gas systems for launch vehicles, space shuttle-launched satellite systems, and scientific experiments.

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Thruster Valves

Space Vector thruster valves come in 3 coil sizes with output force in the micro thrust range to 25 lbf. All thrusters can be packaged individually or in a cluster arrangement. The large thruster valve is available with a standard 1 amp coil (28 W) or a low resistance high response (HR) coil. The inlet flow can be easily altered to accommodate a wide range of inlet pressures. All sizes come with a variety of nozzle configurations and throat diameters to optimize thruster performance.

Individual thrusters may be combined into a single, compact unit to minimize space and facilitate both mounting and plumbing. The thruster mounting block can be customized to fit any contour with both large and small thruster valves.

Cold Gas System
Thruster Valves
Tri Thruster

Pressure Regulators

Space Vector manufactures both single and dual-stage pressure regulators that are capable of accurately regulating within 5%. The output pressure is adjustable from 15 to 500 psi. The dual-stage regulator has a switchable output with a pressure range ratio (high to low) of greater than 8 to 1. This feature allows a single thruster to be used in a high thrust mode for large maneuvers or accelerations and a low thrust mode for fine pointing. The electrically switchable output can be commanded at any time from high to low or low to high.

pressure regulator table
pressure regulator

Isolation Valves

Space Vector squib-activated isolation valves can be used with any system when long-term storage is required or where remote fill capabilities do not exist. These single and dual squib isolation valves can be mounted anywhere downstream of the supply and are activated with 5 amps direct current per bridgewire. The electrical connector is MS3116-8-4S.

Isolation Valves table
Isolation Valves

Latching Valves

Space Vector solenoid-activated latching valves are used to selectively isolate flow in a system. Both low-pressure and high-pressure latching valves are available.

latching valvestable
latching valves

Separation Systems

Space Vector has manufactured and flown hundreds of separation systems for a variety of customers. A separation system typically consists of a circular V-band manacle ring and pushers to provide delta velocity between the separated items. Pushers can either be pneumatic or spring-loaded.

V-Band Manacle Rings

Space Vector provides manacle ring separation systems for diameters ranging from 9” to over 60”. The joint consists of grooved mating rings clamped together by a 4-segment v-shaped ring. Joint separation can be induced by the 3 different methods summarized below:

vband table

Manacle rings are very reliable having been used for many years to separate vehicle sections and release payloads. The Space Vector release system offers superior stiffness, low shock, full redundancy, and debris free separation. Optional tethers are used to retain the released bands with the spent stage. Bolt flanges can be external (as shown), internal, or vertical to accommodate radial fastening.

Expected Shock Profile
Joint Cross-Section with Outboard Flange

Pneumatic Pushers

Space Vector pneumatic-pushers systems are used extensively to provide large separation velocity between two items. The velocity is adjusted by varying the initial supply pressure. Tip-off is minimal since the pressure on each piston is essentially equal. A major advantage of pneumatic systems is the joint is not loaded until just prior to separation. A squib-activated isolation valve mounted to the pressure vessel is actuated approximately 1 second prior to release (please refer to our separate pneumatics brochure for a description of the isolation valve).

The Space Vector separation simulation accurately predicts acceleration and velocity as well as determines the optimal number of pushers and stoke length required for a particular application. The system currently comes with 2.95 inch, 5.5 inch and 8.0 inch stroke pistons. Custom lengths can be created as required.

Pusher 2
Pusher system
Pusher diagram

Spring Pushers

Space Vector also fabricates spring pusher systems for use in lighter weight applications requiring less separation velocity. These systems use precision springs ground to high tolerance to ensure uniform separation. Different designs are available depending on the rates required.