Space Vector Corporation

Space Vector is a small business dedicated to providing high reliability components, systems, and launch vehicle solutions to the aerospace industry. As a prime contractor to various government agencies, Space Vector has launched 37 rockets over the past 40 years in support of scientific and defense related projects with an enviable 94% success rate. Many of our vehicles are boosted by refurbished Minuteman motors that have proven to be very reliable and cost effective.
We are a key subcontractor to Lockheed Martin and The Boeing Company for a variety of products and services. These include GPS metric tracking units and GPS Translators, rechargeable Flight Safety and System Batteries, and Reentry Vehicle Adapter (RVA) Structures and Separation Systems. We also developed the Flight and Ground Software used on the Targets and Countermeasures program along with the guidance and control algorithms.
Space Vector supplies the United Launch Alliance (ULA) with GPS Tracking Units and Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA) for the Atlas V and Delta IV launch vehicles. These critical components are part of the Air Force Space Command vision for Launch and Range Enterprise Transformation for metric tracking and eventually fully autonomous flight safety. We also supply the Fuel Depletion Probes (FDP) and transducers to ULA for use on EELV.
Our post boost attitude control systems have flown on hundreds of NASA sounding rockets. These subsystems integrate our fully adjustable cold gas pneumatic components (thruster valves and regulators) with a variety of sensors and controllers. For the NASA Space Launch System (SLS), Space Vector is providing Radiation Hardened LNAs used in the ICPS, the Sequencer and Batteries used to deploy the secondary payloads from the MPCV Stage Adapter (MSA), and Primary Batteries for the crew Launch Abort System (LAS).
Other products that have been developed from our launch vehicle experience include: Boost Guidance and Control Systems, Vehicle Interface Units (VIU), Spacecraft and Module Separation Systems, Payload Sequencers, RF Filters/Couplers, Telemetry Transmitters, and various Ground Support and Test Equipment.


"Space Vector Corporation is committed to CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in providing QUALITY PRODUCTS to SATISFIED CUSTOMERS in support of continued MISSION SUCCESS"